Plagiarism Checklist

Please remember that the following acts of plagiarism constitute Honor System violations:

  • The use of another’s ideas without citation
  • Material copied word for word, cited but lacking quotation marks
  • Material placed within quotation marks but lacking a citation (according to the professor’s preferred citation style)
  • Paraphrased material that too closely resembles the structure of the original source, without citation or attribution
  • Paraphrased material from several sources pieced together in a way that resembles original thought, without citation or attribution
  • Material attributed to a non-existent or incorrect source
  • Fabricated material attributed to a real source
  • Citation mistakes, such as wrong author, page number, or date
  • Specific help from someone in writing the paper, without acknowledgment
  • Imitation of structure or style, without citation or attribution

The Honor Council encourages all instructors to submit student papers to