Cormac is a senior in the College studying History, with a particular interest in United States Diplomacy. This will be his second year serving on the Honor Council; he previously sat on his high school’s Honor Council at the Hopkins School. In addition to sitting on the Honor Council, Cormac plays on the Georgetown Men’s Rugby Team and serves as a Student Advocate. Cormac believes in the importance of academic integrity both in order to protect and revere the hard work of others and as a standard that helps students develop and express their own ideas truthfully.


Neema is an economics major in the College. She served on the Honor Council last year and had a wonderful experience. She hopes to continue the experience this year and serve on more hearings as well as the Sanction Reduction Committee.


Will is a junior in the College (graduating in 2016). He is majoring in Economics and has a focus on politics as well. Having served for one year on the Honor Council already, Will has returned to a body he sees as integral to the campus community for the level of discourse and student responsibility it promotes.  While a member, Will hopes to increase awareness of the Honor Council as a resource for students and work with the other members to serve in a way that simply makes the campus a better place.   


Laura is a senior in the College majoring in American Studies and double minoring in French and Spanish. She has been on the Honor Council since her freshman year, joining because of her interest in upholding academic integrity. Laura’s academic interests include constitutional law, French and Spanish cultures, and the evolution of the American university; her anticipated American Studies thesis topic pertains to religion and the Supreme Court. She will be attending Georgetown University Law Center next fall.


Caroline is a freshman in the College majoring in Spanish and hoping to minor in Classics and Education. She is excited to be a part of the Honor Council as it enforces academic integrity and provides guidance to students with possible infractions. As a new member of the Honor Council, she hopes to provide information about the Honor System to her peers so that everyone can have a strong understanding of what it is and how we as a community can prevent academic dishonesty.


Michael is a freshman in the College. He is currently undeclared but is planning on a pre-med track. His interests include biology, chemistry, French, journalism, and politics. Although, as a new student, he has never served on the Council before, he has always had a passion for and an interest in academic integrity, especially after being introduced to the Georgetown Honor Council at New Student Orientation. This year, he hopes to get accustomed to the procedures and duties of the Honor Council and help educate fellow new students like himself on the policies of Georgetown’s honor system. 


Janie is pursuing a double major in Spanish and English. Hailing from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, Janie has loved her time in Washington, DC. She has served on the Honor Council since her sophomore year as an executive member. This year she hopes to increase campus awareness of the Honor Council in order to promote positive preventative measures of plagiarism. On campus, she is also an intern at GUASFCU, where she serves as assistant vice president of member service. Janie is also the vice president of GAAP, a cantor at Dahlgren Chapel, and a proud Blue and Gray tour guide. 


Natasha is a senior in the College majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. She has served on the Honor Council for one year. She understands that the Honor System process can be stressful and she wants to help students as much as possible. She is looking forward to being part of the Honor Council for another year!


Taylor is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is pursuing a pre-med, Biology of Global Health major with a double minor in Spanish and Bioethics. Since joining the Honor Council last year, she has served as one of the council’s student consultants, providing information and support to students with possible violations. In this upcoming year, she hopes to continue in this role and to also serve at more hearings. 


Jeff is a sophomore pursuing an economics major in the College, and will be returning to the Georgetown Honor Council for his second year. In addition to economics, Jeff is passionate about history, as well as constitutional law and jurisprudence. Jeff values the Honor Council as an opportunity not only to represent his fellow students, but also educate the Georgetown community on the importance of academic integrity. 


Rebecca (COL’15), a senior majoring in economics, is the chair of the Sanction Reduction Committee. She became involved in the Honor Council in her freshman year and has served students in many capacities, including as a student consultant, a hearing board member, and a Sanction Reduction member. She enjoys serving on the Honor Council because she likes tackling challenges and taking action. This year, she hopes to standardize and streamline the Sanction Reduction process. In addition, she looks forward to seeing the continual growth of the Honor System.


Alex is a senior in the College, majoring in Government and minoring in English.  He is excited to begin his second full year on the Honor Council and is looking to better aid the Georgetown community by providing greater access to information regarding academic dishonesty.  Alex is also involved in giving back to the campus through his commitments as a leader of Sigma Phi Epsilon, a tour guide with the Blue & Gray Society, and a previous tutor in Prison Outreach.



Victoria is a senior in MSB, majoring in Accounting & Operations and Information Management and minoring in Computer Science. She has been on the Honor Council for a year now and hopes to be able to increase awareness for it in a fun way that reaches students outside of it as well.


Justin is a senior in the McDonough School of Business majoring in Finance. He has served on the Honor Council since sophomore year. Justin joined the Honor Council to promote academic integrity and help students facing academic infractions. He thinks the Honor Council is a great way to contribute to Georgetown in a meaningful way and meet deans, faculty, and students from across all four schools.


Lance is a senior in the MSB, double majoring in Finance and OPIM. During his time at Georgetown, he has learned the importance of integrity and therefore wants to devote his time in helping students understand the importance of integrity also. He has been on the Honor Council both as a student board member and as a student consultant for over a year now. He has been on multiple hearings and therefore has familiarized himself with the Honor Council process and would love to help out any student who has any questions regarding the Honor Council.


Christopher is a freshman in the McDonough School of Business and is currently pursuing a double major in Finance and Accounting. Interested in a wide range of subjects, he plans to take full advantage of the broad scope of Georgetown's academic offerings. Christopher firmly believes in the core values of Georgetown and hopes to be able to preserve the integrity of the university through his work on the Honor Council. 


Johnny is a first-year in the McDonough School of Business who is interested in Accounting and OPIM as potential majors. New to the council this year, he is hoping to take active, preventative measures for academic dishonesty. To Johnny, academic dishonesty is not only a cheating act against classmates and the institution, but also a cheating act against one’s own future. Johnny previously served as one of five Honor Board student representatives at St. George’s, a boarding school in Newport, Rhode Island.


Pei-Hua (Joanna) is a junior in the MSB, majoring in Finance and Operations and Information Management. During her high school career in Seattle, Washington, she served on the Honor Council for three consecutive years where she learned to withhold judgment and to develop compassion. Keeping in mind that the mission of the Council was to help students learn from their mistakes rather than punishing, she has strived to understand each student's circumstances and mindset, helping him/her make better decisions in the future.



Will is a junior in the SFS from Brielle, NJ.  He is studying International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy. Will has been on the Honor Council since freshman year and has served on the Executive Committee and on numerous hearing boards. He has been involved in honor and academic integrity related committees since high school.


Lili is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service. Originally from Washington, DC, her family now lives in London, England. Lili is interested in the intersection between finance and global relations, and is majoring in International Political Economy. Lili sees integrity as the moral backbone of Georgetown culture and the Honor Council as an integral structure in upholding it. This is her first year on the Honor Council.


Erjia is a senior majoring in International Political Economy in the School of Foreign Service. She joined the Honor Council in Fall 2013. Serving on hearing boards has made her understand her responsibility towards the students concerned. Also serving as a Student Consultant of the Honor Council, Erjia is more than happy to provide information and help to her fellow students.


Ryan is an incoming transfer student to the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Political Economy. He comes from the U.S. Military Academy, where he was involved with the cadet honor program. Having experienced the effects of a student body’s reputation in the outside world, he is eager to help build the reputation of a Georgetown student as one committed to academic integrity, personal accountability, and justice-driven decisions.  


Cole is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service and plans to major in International Politics or Economics.  He is beginning his first year of working on the Honor Council, but served in a similar position in high school.  He is interested in upholding the Honor System on campus, and is excited to become involved with helping other students understand the importance of academic integrity.


Alexandra is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, intending to major in IPOL, and has declared a certificate in Jewish Civilization. She was born and raised in Shanghai, China; as a result, she has developed an appreciation for both Chinese traditions and exotic cultures. Her upbringing has also instilled in her a respect for academic integrity, which she believes cultivates individual self-respect, sincerity, and honestly. A new member on the board, she is hoping to contribute what she can to ensure and maintain academic integrity at Georgetown in the coming semesters.


Tobi is a senior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy. A first year member of the honor council, he is excited to serve the Hoya community by ensuring that all students receive a fair adjudication process and that academic integrity is upheld at Georgetown. He also has a nearly-identical twin roaming around the Hilltop somewhere, so keep an eye out for this impostor. 


Edward is a junior (class of 2016) in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International History and concentrating in the comparative political transitions of the Latin American Southern Cone and Eastern Europe. He has served on the Honor Council for two years, as a member of the Executive Committee and the Sanction Reduction Committee. While he will be studying abroad in Prague, CZ, for the fall semester, he is excited to continue working with both committees when he returns in the spring.


Elina is a junior in the School of Foreign Service, studying International Politics with a concentration in International Law. Since coming to Georgetown, she has been actively involved with the Honor Council, serving on the Sanction Reduction Committee.  She hopes to help students facing challenging circumstances understand the resources available that can help them through these times and avoid academic dishonesty.  Originally from New Providence, New Jersey, Elina attended The Lawrenceville School where she participated in the school's music program, Honor Council, and community service among other activities. Elina enjoys running, traveling, reading, and playing violin in her spare time.


Aaron is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service studying International Politics. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Aaron moved to Austin, Texas, at the age of 11, and there he had his first experience with an honor council, participating in his high school’s disciplinary committee during his senior year. His hobbies include studying film, watching soccer, and visiting as many new places as he can. On the Honor Council this year, Aaron is hoping to increase awareness for what academic integrity means for the student body on a daily basis. 


Monica is a senior in the SFS, majoring in STIA with a concentration in Global Health and pre-medical studies. Monica has served on the Honor Council at Georgetown since her freshman year and, in addition to serving on the Hearing Board, has greatly enjoyed being a member of the Student Outreach Committee, helping to educate others about honor and its importance. This year on the Honor Council, Monica hopes to lead several honor workshops for freshman and others interested in gaining a better understanding of the Honor Code at Georgetown, as well as academic integrity in general.



Jessica is a senior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. She is a Human Science major, a Psychology and Cognitive Science double minor, and captain of the swim team. She has been a member of the Honor Council since the spring of 2013 and is a member of the Sanction Reduction Committee. This year she hopes to help make Georgetown students more aware of the Honor System to prevent violations that occur because of a lack of knowledge about the rules.  


Dana is a sophomore in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in International Health. This is her second year serving on the Honor Council. She is pre-med, and eventually wants to use her knowledge gained at Georgetown to serve the health needs of underserved populations. She realizes that today’s Georgetown students are tomorrow’s world leaders, and believes that the habits practiced on campus will eventually diffuse their way into the most important aspects of our society. That being said, she believes that academic integrity should be recognized as a fundamental tenet at Georgetown, and plans to promote it throughout the year.


Genevieve is a freshman in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. She is majoring in International Health and hopes to pursue her passion for International Relations through the Model UN program. This will be her first year serving on the Honor Council, and she looks forward to representing the student body through promotion of academic integrity, both within and beyond the borders of the Georgetown campus. 



George, a senior in SCS, is a liberal studies major with a focus in social and public policy.  His academic interests include decision-making in government, as well as the development of education and national security policy.  These interests are reflected in his role as a Legislative Assistant to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), where he handles education, crime and law enforcement, health, homeland security, and social welfare.  Working full-time in the public sector since his sophomore year, George has not only developed an appreciation for the importance of integrity in government, but also in academic life.  He hopes to strengthen this appreciation through his membership on the Council. 


Melissa returned to school after more than fifteen years of magazine publishing. She plans to complete her degree in 2016 and then go on to pursue a law degree. As founder and publisher of three regional magazines, Melissa witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of plagiarism in the work place. She hopes to use her time on the Honor Council to help students understand the importance of academic integrity, not only while at Georgetown University, but also after graduation.


Nicolas is a Junior within the BALS program under the School of Continuing Studies. He is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2015 with a concentration in International Affairs. International Affairs became very important to Nic during his service as a Marine, with almost four years overseas in the Middle East. He learned the importance of honor and integrity through his time on active duty, and it is this experience that contributed to Nic’s desire to work on the Honor Council. Nic hopes to shed light on the importance of honor and integrity in everyday life with other students, and to offer guidance on its specific role in university life as set forth by the Georgetown Honor Code.