Student Consultants

Our student consultants are willing to talk to students who are under investigation for a violation of the Honor System. These students will treat your conversations as confidential. What you tell these students will not be shared with the Investigating Officer, the Hearing Board, or anyone else connected with the Honor Council. They are willing to talk to you in person or you can correspond with them via telephone or email to maintain your anonymity.

2018-2019 Student Consultants

   student consultants for this academic year (2018-2019) are listed below.   If you have questions about any of the Honor Council's processes, please email  

   Student's Name                                       School/Year                Email address

  • Ms. Luara Maraston Oliveira                              COL ’19                            

  • Mr. Damian Garcia                                                Col ‘21               

  • Mr. Noah Moss                                                      COL ’20             

  • Mr. Jesse Liu                                                          MSB ’20            

  • Ms. Layla Weiss                                                     MSB ’22            

  • Ms. Maria Elisa Dimagiba                                   MSFS ’20           

  • Ms. Briseyda Neri                                                 SFS ’22                

  • Mr. Tianqi Albert Wang                                      SFS ’22                

  • Ms. Emma Huffman                                            NHS ’22              

  • Ms. Ying Fu                                                            GSAS (NHS)      

  • Ms. Mihika Sapru                                                  GSAS (CCT)       

  • Ms. Bailey Sutton                                                  GSAS (McCourt)