Sanction Reduction

Brief Overview

As an integral part of the Honor Council, the Sanction Reduction Board guides students, who have been found “in violation” of the Honor System, through the Sanction Reduction process to help them learn from their violations.  Individual board members work one-on-one with students to help them develop student-specific plans, which allow them to reflect on and grow from their violations of the standards of conduct.  A student who successfully completes a Sanction Reduction plan will have his/her sanction reduced two years after the end of the semester in which he/she violated the Honor System.

Please note that, regarding graduate students, the Sanction Reduction Program is available only to those graduate students who were sanctioned via the policies and procedures of the Honor Council, not the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, beginning Fall Semester 2015.

The Honor Council Student Co-Chair for Sanction Reduction oversees Sanction Reduction and chairs the Sanction Reduction Board. Including the chair, nine students make up the board. 

Eligibility & Application Information

Students, found “in violation” of the Honor System and sanctioned with a letter of censure or a transcript notation (level I) may apply to enter the Sanction Reduction process.  The student has thirty days to submit an application after the Dean has determined the final sanction.

Please click here to learn more about the application.

Contact Information

If you have questions about Sanction Reduction, you should contact Harry Jarvis and Meaghan Steck, the board’s student co-chairs, at