Honor System Statistics

Updated May 27, 2014.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, there were 84 individual students on the Main Campus reported to the Honor Council for some alleged violation of the Honor System.   Of this group, 57 students received a sanction. 

34 (about 41%) accusations were against COL students.
24 (about 29%) accusations were against MSB students.
2 (about 2%) accusations were against NHS students.
13 (about 16%) accusations were against SFS students.
11 (about 13%) accusations were against School of Continuing Studies students.

Development of Cases: 
22 (about 26%) not advanced
28 (about 33%) went to a hearing
34 (about 41%) used the expedited process

49 (about 58%) accusations primarily involved plagiarism.
13 (about 16%) accusations primarily involved impermissible collaboration.
21 (about 25%) accusations primarily involved cheating.
1 (about 1%) accusation involved other offenses.

22 accusations were not advanced.
5 accusations went to hearings and resulted in a finding of Not in Violation.
10 Letters of Reprimand were recommended.
17 Letters of Censure were recommended.
23 Transcript Notations were recommended.
7 Suspensions were recommended.
0 Dismissals were recommended.