Sanction Reduction Application

In order to be consider for the Sanction Reduction Program, you must submit an unsigned copy of your application as an e-mail attachment to the Sanction Reduction Co-Chairs at Below is a template for the Sanction Reduction Application which you can copy into an electronic file.

If your application is approved then you will be contacted by a student member of the Sanction Reduction Committee. The two of you will formulate a Plan that will be evaluated by the Sanction Reduction Committee for approval.

Template for an Application for consideration of Sanction Reduction

To: Sanction Reduction Committee

From: [Student Name] [email]

Date: [Date]

I was found in violation of the Georgetown University Honor Code for having [describe the violation] and received a [name sanction here]. The incident occurred during the [Fall or Spring] semester of [Year] in a course entitled [Course name] that was taught by [Professor’s name]. The Investigating Officer of my case was [Professor’s name].

I hereby request that the Committee consider me for the Sanction Reduction Process. I understand and acknowledge that the Committee consists of honor council students, and I give my consent for all members of the Committee to have access to this Application and my other student records, and information contained in those records, for the purposes of evaluating my request for a sanction reduction. I also acknowledge that the Professor in whose class the violation occurred and the Investigating Officer of my case may be contacted by the Committee in connection with my sanction reduction request. I give my consent for them to provide the Committee with information regarding my case as requested.

I acknowledge that this process is a timely matter and will complete this process within a 6 month time period, from the date that I am assigned a Board member who will work with me to construct an appropriate timeline if my application is approved. It is also my responsibility to follow through with any correspondence and contact with the Board as a whole. I realize that if my plan is not completed within this time frame, I am susceptible to being removed from this process.

[In a few paragraphs, please explain why you deserve to be considered for the Sanction Reduction Process.]

Signature ___________________________ [School / Graduation Year]

Date: ______________________________