Helpful Info When Accused

Helpful Information for Students Accused of an Honor System Violation

It can be emotionally stressful to be accused of an Honor System Violation. You should know that throughout this process, there are student consultants with whom you can speak anonymously.

Before meeting with an Investigating Officer, you should read the Honor System Standards of Conduct to help clarify what is and is not a violation.You may also find it helpful to read the Sanctioning Guidelines.

Some students who admit to a violation during their first meeting with an Investigating Officer can avoid a Hearing. Before meeting with your Investigating Officer, see Expedited Sanctioning for details.

Students can read detailed information about the Hearing Process.

Learn about some of the student experiences handling the process of being found in violation of the Honor System.

Finally, please note that all sanctions are not permanent. Learn more about Sanction Reduction.