After Deliberations

The hearing board chair collects all materials pertinent to the case from the board members. All board members sign the Hearing Board Decision form confirming the hearing results.  The form does not show how any individual board member voted. This form is returned to the Executive Director.

If a majority opinion is reached among the board members (i.e., at least three members), and the dissenting board members refuse to sign the Hearing Board Decision form, this does NOT change the hearing outcome. The form will still note that a majority opinion was determined regarding the outcome/sanction, and the signatures of AT LEAST three board members will appear in support of the decision.

In a case where the board cannot come to a majority decision (at least three board members in agreement) on the sanction, the final vote will be forwarded to the dean of the student’s school. The dean will then make the final sanction decision, after consultation with the Executive Board of the Honor Council, and the hearing board chair.