Start of Hearing

The HBC opens the hearing by reading the following preamble:

We are assembled this evening as a Hearing Board of the University Honor Council to hear the case of alleged ________ [offense (cheating, plagiarism, etc.)] by _________ [student(s) name(s)] of _______ [student(s) school] by __________ [Professor’s name or whoever is making the charge] in ___________ [the course name or particular situation].

Our task is to listen to the case as presented by the Investigating Officer and the student, to ask necessary questions to gain clarification and full understanding of the facts as presented, and then to determine whether there has been or has not been a violation of the University Honor System. If our decision is that there was no violation, then the case will be dismissed. If our decision is that there was a violation, then we will deliberate and assign an appropriate sanction, as set forth by the University Honor System.

Everything that happens in this room is confidential. All materials and notes will be collected at the end of the hearing. Honor Council members are enjoined not to talk about this with other people. Maintaining confidentiality is essential.

The Chair then reviews the hearing board procedures.

All present introduce themselves.