The Executive Director prepares packets for all hearing participants, which should be available one week prior to the hearing. Packets are hand-delivered to deans and faculty members, and must be picked up by students (both accused students and student hearing board members) in the Provost’s Office (ICC 650). Students are to sign a pick-up receipt when retrieving their packets. Packets issued to hearing board members include the following materials:

  • Official letter to hearing board member announcing hearing (date, time, location)
  • Incident report submitted by the IO
  • All relevant background materials, such as copies of the student’s original work (paper, exam, quiz), a description provided by a witness, source documents, another student’s work (in case of alleged cheating), relevant e-mail correspondence, etc.
  • A copy of the professor’s syllabus
  • Written statement of accused student if provided in time to distribute with packets

The hearing board chair’s packet will also include these additional materials:

  • Preamble to the HC hearing
  • Hearing decision sheet
  • Sealed envelope with information stating whether or not student was previously found to be in violation of the Honor System, the sanction levied and date, and the nature of the previous offense, if any.
  • A copy of the Sanctioning Guidelines

The accused student’s packet will include these additional materials:

  • Waiver forms if need is known in advance
  • Hearing Board members’ names and their school affiliations